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This blog has moved

This blog has moved to the Scientific American blog network. Read new posts here.




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Merry Christmas!

Time to get drunk and say inappropriate things to each other! Running Ponies might have the most patient readers ever, so thanks for sticking with us. The more you tell us, “Dude, I saw that story on National Geographic like six months ago…” the more punctual we’ll try to be with our content.

Oh and just as a side note, don’t believe anything Nick Howson tells you. They’re lies. All lies!

Here’s your pile of Christmas kittens:

Comic from Married To The Sea.

– bec

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FAIL of the Week

Vail Fail


Punters in Vail, Colorado viewed their first full moon of 2009 after a skier fell through a chair(less)lift on New Years Day. The 48 year old dangled pantsless and upside down for several minutes before he was rescued. A ninjasuit would have come in handy here, eh sir!

RA   xxx

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Running Dogs!


Dogs that run and bite.

– bec


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