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Wandering Ponies #5

For this edition of WP, I’ll attempt to take you on a roller coaster of emotions, most of which will hopefully be pleasant, and one of which, hopefully not. Unless of course you, I don’t know, find birds scary, squids lame, oil fantastic, and humour not so funny, then I’ve completely misrepresented this entire thing. Maybe you don’t even have emotions. Yeah, exactly. But regardless, I suggest you climb aboard. Unless you’re pregnant. In which case you’re going to have to sit this one out. Sorry, lady, rules are rules.

First up is photographer, Andrew Zuckerman’s, new book – Bird, and it’s one of the best things I’ve seen in ages. Described by Erin Estell, a bird trainer who worked on the project, as, “like Vogue for birds,” it features 200 stunning photographs of 75 species, including a baby-faced African pygmy falcon, the most villainous-looking ferruginous hawk you’ll ever see, and my absolute favourite, the secretary bird. You can see most of the photo’s on his website here (I’d post some here if I wasn’t terrified to my very soul by that copyright warning).

And speaking of birds, New Scientist’s wonderfully quirky weekly column about bizarre/extraordinary animals, Zoologger, has a great article on the amazing tool manipulation of rare Egyptian vultures. But before you go all, “Birds and tools = old news, GOD,” this particular story includes coprophagy (not quite as bad as matriphagy, but almost), a fascinating story behind the publication of the original research paper, and one of the best scientific journal titles around. If that doesn’t pique your interest, you can leave (but I’m keeping your shoes):

Zoologger: Vultures use twigs to gather wool for nests.

If you’ve ever simultaneously wanted to marry someone while wishing you could be that same person, you’ll understand how I feel about the Oatmeal Guy. Obviously we haven’t got the technology to facilitate the latter, so I’ll just have to keep working on the former. Regrettable fangirl confessions aside, he really does capture the absolute shit of a hand the male angler fish is dealt in his latest comic here. And when I say ‘absolute shit of a hand,’ I mean everyone else got regular playing cards, while he ended up with a handful of angry grizzly bears who just got told he stole their cubs and called them bad parents:

How the Male Angler Fish Gets Completely Screwed.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute never ceases to amaze with its constant output of incredible footage showing everything from otters holding hands to an inside-out vampire squid. Their latest video shows even more deep-sea squids zipping around and ejecting spawn and whatever else squids do for fun:

And finally,’s The Big Picture section has a few oil spill photo collections that are devastating to look at, but so, so important:

The Big Picture – Caught in the Oil // Scenes from the Gulf of Mexico // Oil in the Gulf – Two Months Later

But because I don’t want to leave you sadfaced, here’s a cat swimming in beanbag filling:


– bec



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Russell Brand: Youthful Folly, Jubilance & Hi Jinx

Russell Brand

He is incredibly witty, surprisingly eloquent, slightly eccentric and has some holy hell amazing hair that is quite possibly only matched by Vince Noir. Possibly. 

I always imagined that if ran into Master Brand on the High Street, our conversation would go something like this:

Me: Russell fucking Brand! 

Russell: Yes, that is I, pleasure to meet you, young miss. How do you do?

Me: Pretty fantastic now, actually. Also, you have GREAT hair. How do you do it?

Russell: Why, thank you. Come this way and I shall style up that mess you call hair. You too shall have a stupendous coiffure that will send everyone who sees you into a mad jealous rage. 

Sadly, I do not know where my nearest High Street is, so my not-often brushed bouffant will have to suffice – for now.

But, the good news is that my future friseur  is bringing his Scandalous tour right to your doorstep. Well, not literally your doorstep. Unless you live at 117 Enmore Road or in the Fox and Lion, then yeah, I guess it sort of is your doorstep. Lucky bitches. 

Mosey on over to Ticketek and buy buy buy! so you too can laugh your ass off. LYFAO, or something like that. ROFL.

Ra  xxx

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Bon Iver. I Will Love You.

Bon Iver

After years of being my little sister’s ticket bitch, she finally came good. And when I say good, I mean “Holy Crap! That’s the best gig I’ve been to in my life. Ever. Full stop.” The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of talented should be accompanied by a photo of Justin Vernon. The Sydney Festival is over for another year and this show was definitely my highlight (thank you, Catherine).

For Emma, Forever Ago was born from three months of self-imposed isolation in a log cabin somewhere in the bitter winter of Wisconsin.  The entire album was created by Vernon, from the writing, singing and instrumentation to the recording and production. Amazing. The complexities of the record, however, cannot be performed by one man alone, as brilliant as Vernon may be. For the last twelve months, he has been joined on stage by Mike Noyce, Sean Carey and Matthew McCaughan. Yes, the album is breathtaking, but it is only Mars compared to the Venus of a live show they put on. The Angel Place Recital Hall was the perfect setting for a gig that had the crowd transfixed during every single song and gagging for more at the end. There was no fancy stage setup and definitely no laserZ, just four flannel-clad guys, totally lush falsettos, seventeen instruments and some epically full sound.

And to think I almost missed out on tickets. What a fool I was! I shall never make that mistake again, oh no. So, while Vernon and the rest of the band are probably more than settled back into Wisconsin living now, when they’re in your neighbourhood again, do as I say: Go. To. The. Show! 

Oh and here are some free downloads. Enjoy and remember to breathe. 

Skinny Love

 The Park (Feist Cover)

Ra  xxx

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