Bec once took a border collie out for drinks and it stole her wallet because she was too busy checking her emails to notice. Now she wanders the streets with lose bits of cash floating around her bag and a severe mistrust of nice-looking cattle dogs.

As part of the Grindin network, Bec also writes about music in various places across the Internet which has practically ruined her for healthy sleeping patterns.


Ra does not enjoy candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach. She does enjoy weaving words and telling tales, and it is here that those chronicles of the absurd are kept, as they are oft ruined by oral renditions due to her uncanny ability to reveal the punch line more than half-way through the story.

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27 responses to “Authors

  1. I am looking forward to reading more of your entries, although am a little unsure as to the reliability of some of your apophthegms!


  2. Can you teach us about homonyms?

  3. I suppose I could throw together a lesson or two. Only if you promise to behave and pay attention!

  4. NayNay

    You kids are my friends. And I like you. Perhaps this may bring influence to, and therefore bias my opinion, but I like your blog. It is witty, interesting and aesthetically pleasing. Much like you two. I wonder if I could take it dancing…

  5. ralake

    Only if we can do the monster mash. It’s a graveyard smash.

  6. NayNay

    I would love to hear what you have to say about the Komodo Dragon. Do you think they are dinosaurs? They scare me.

  7. Hi Bec
    I am in your class at uni. Been reading your blog a bit after you mentioned it in a class last semester. Thought it was about time I let you know how much it makes me laugh – Really love your posts, always cheers me up!

    Stay cool groover.

    • Oh gosh, thanks so much, Chris! I really should get into posting more frequently here. Are you in my class this semester too? I’m always such an oblivious mess at that stage of the day (sad face).

      • Chris

        Yeah for the features class at least… If I don’t run into you beforehand, I’ll see you then!

  8. i think we might have some things in common…

  9. doug l

    Finally a truly relevant and literate discussion of the facts as known but to some. Color me hooked.

  10. Ra

    Bec, you’re crazy.

  11. Michael O. Erickson

    I love this blog!

  12. mitchell fagerness

    hay i love this web site, i just found it a week ago. i’ve been reading all the articles, there freaking hella funny. when do u put more up?

    • Thanks Mitchell!! Just writing a post now, will be up very soon. Hoping to post things more often now that I’m on holidays, so bear with me. I’ll make them worth the wait! Poor Ra is still slaving away at her assignments.

  13. jenclinton

    adding you to my friends page. AWESOME.

    • Ahh! I love that octopus. I actually started writing a post about it a few days ago and then accidentally fell asleep in front of the computer halfway through. Hopefully not a reflection on the content… Hope your holidays are awesome, Ken! x

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