Running Ponies Declared Australia’s Best Science Blog!

running ponies

So in what was a completely unexpected result to I’m sure many (including myself. Especially myself), this little blog won the Big Blog Theory Competition by popular vote, earning it the title of Best Australian Science Blog! It’s a wonderful thing to realise that despite the liberally-applied obsenities and thinly-veiled references to the more awkward moments of my sex life, Running Ponies’ ultimate goal of getting as many people as possible excited about the peculiarities of nature and the researchers who discover them is acutally being fulfilled.

You can read my comments in the press release here (but not while I’m in the room because I’ll probably throw up or hyperventilate or something), and be sure to visit equal runners-up, Marc West’s Mr. Science Show and Capatin Skellet’s A Schooner of Science. And fellow finalist, Kylie Sturgess of PodBlack Cat fame also gets a mention for being consistently lovely.

There was also a micro-blogging/Twitter category, which Corri Baker from Adelaide won. You can/must follow her here.

Thanks so much to everyone who voted, your encouragement means an enormous amount.

As part of the prize, starting from August the 13th to the 29th I’ll be attending various events for National Science Week around Australia and acting as the “offical Science Week blogger”. I’m terrified, but excited, and hopefully you guys will enjoy it as I do Watermelon Cat.*

– bec x

* The blogging, that is, not my terror. That would be cruel.



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14 responses to “Running Ponies Declared Australia’s Best Science Blog!

  1. *Your* sex life? I thought that was *my* sex life.

    Damn this over-identification with the smutty happenings of the peculiar. Animals, I mean.

    Huge & amazingly well-deserved congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! Well done!

  3. Congrats! I discovered you just in time to be cool, I guess.

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  5. Congratulations Bec! Totally deserved recognition :)

  6. Well done again! :D

    On a side note, that cat really loves watermelon. Wow.

  7. Arr, a hearty congratulations to ye! Looking forward to reading your posts on National Science Week.

  8. mitch

    well done sparkles, stoked to have known u before you were internet famous!

  9. a cat who eats a water melon, i have never seen it, it was funny and interessing to see the cat eating.

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  11. I have seen the video, never seen this lol. Nice website, don´t give up with this :)

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