Wandering Ponies #1

In an effort to generate more content here while Sara and I are too busy working/raving/generating content elsewhere to write proper posts, we’ve decided to throw up (not literally) a bunch of links to stuff that has amused and/or intrigued us during the week. This will hopefully a) make your visits here a little more worthwhile, and b) ease our considerable guilt for not updating this blog more often. (And just by the by, if anyone’s worked out how to survive on less than four hours sleep per night without accidentally passing out in front of their laptop on a Thursday evening halfway through an ill-considered bout of sleepy dubstep, be sure to let us know, okay?)

* First up is brand new blog, Dragons of the Air, which Dave Hone mentioned on his site a few weeks back. Focussing on the flight mechanics and biology of pterosaurs, it’s set to have some fascinating content from the Pterosaur Flight Dynamics Group in the coming weeks.

* Then it’s over to the slingjaw wrasse, which is one of my favourite sea creatures ever (for the obvious reasons), and a clip found by the boys at Deep Sea News. The jury’s still out on whether this particular, erm, talent will help him score with the ladies, but at least he’ll always be well-fed.

* And speaking of sea creatures, the Census of Marine Life site is an endless joy filled with picture/video galleries, media resources, census project info and so on. Think of it as the damp cousin of Edward O. Wilson’s Encyclopaedia of Life.

* Next is the ultimate thinking man’s eye orgasm: FRACTALS. Specifically the Mandelbulb, which is the 3D version of the Mandelbrot set, and that’s pretty much all I can say about it right now because I’m bad at maths and stuff. But unlike me, this site is wonderfully thorough. All I know is I want to live in whatever that thing is below, so this weekend I’m gathering together a bunch of alley cats to help me drag a couch and tv in there so we can eat apple pie and watch something with Ted Danson in it (but not Becker) all afternoon.

* The Dinosaur Toy Blog has something I bet will end up on most of our Christmas lists (or perhaps just ten times on mine): the Feathered Dinosaurs Toob. As soon as I get mine I’m going to empty them into the sink and make them fight each other. There’s also the Mega Dino Toob, which really isn’t as obscene as it sounds, I promise.

* And finally, the new Nazi Dinosaur game that Laelaps’ Brian Switek mentioned via Twitter. I guess my only concern with “Dino D-Day” is that if you insist on fighting a fascist dinosaur with nothing but your puny man-fists, it’s fairly unlikely you’ll get the chance to make a “Tyranno-sore” joke before it breaks you, tiny human.

– bec


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2 responses to “Wandering Ponies #1

  1. Great series of links!

    Always a brilliant read here.

  2. Just noticed your web blog in msn today and I need to say I really like it! Bookmarked it and may be back again to check it out more later.

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