Tiny Gypsies: Beware The Bad-Luck Froglets


For those of us who have a problem with weeny thimble-gypsies trying to steal our shoelaces to put into their stews, West Australian herpetologists have just found the ultimate solution. Sure, you could just continue to throw regular-sized bad-luck frogs at them, but you kinda don’t want to have to actually kill them just to keep their grimy mitts off of your wares. Which is why the recent discovery in the Kimberley region of the Tiny Toadlet (Uperoleia micra) and Kimberly Froglet (Crinia fimbriata) should come in tremendous handy. At just two centimetres long, you could pelt a handful of these coy miniatures at those roguish troublemakers and their disease-ridden caravans before they’ve even managed to take a tiny (stolen) pocket knife to your shoe. Just be sure to do it before they start throwing their babies at you and spitting Hepatitis at your friend.

– bec

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Filed under Animals, New Species!, Science

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