Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno is Luminous


In an announcement that is sure to get your little cochlea and oculi all in a flutter, musician, singer, producer, composer and knitter (probably, he can do everything else) extraordinaire Brian Eno, is to curate the innaugural Luminous Festival. A total legend of the music industry, Eno started off in rad as hell band, Roxy Music before going on to produce albums for Talking Heads, U2, and Coldplay, write a regular column for The Observer, publish a deck of cards that can help you solve any quandary you may find yourself in and create an app for the piece of technology that still eludes me – the iPhone. At some point during all this madness, he even found time to compose that short bite of sound you hear when starting up Microsoft Windows. Although, as that sound signals the start of my work day, I can’t say I’m particularly attached to it. Sorry, Brian. 

Surprisingly, Eno has never been to Australia before, but what a way to make an entrance. He’ll be bringing with him math rockers, Battles, reggae and dub god, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and my personal favourites, Ladytron. One of the ten people who could change the world, ClientEarth’s chief executive James Thornton, will be leading a forum on the environment and social change. I’m sure that title sitting on my shoulders would weigh me down far too much to even leave the comfort of my large, mahogany scented office, and this is probably the main reason I am not on that list.

To kick off the festival, Eno’s vivid artwork will be cast on to the sails of the late Jorn Utzon’s architectural masterpice. That’s right, lights and laserZ projected on to the Opera House for three weeks straight. If somebody lends me a tent, I think I might just set up camp on the bridge and stare. If someone else brings me graham crackers and marshmallows, maybe we can have some smores as well. The festival will also feature the Australian debut of Eno’s amazing 77 Million Paintings, a visual and audial delectation that has been described by Time Magazine as “layers of gorgeous, intensely coloured abstract images [that] appear, morph and dissolve into one another, then fade away into something entirely new.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m almost peeing my pants in anticipation. And I only say almost because, while I’m often accused of being incompetent, incontinent, is definitely one thing I’m not. Luminous takes place at the Sydney Opera House and is just one part of the city-wide Vivid Sydney that begins on the 26th of May, and will sadly come to a close on the 14th of June. There will be so much going on, I can’t even begin to cover it in the few words I have to write before you lose interest, so check out the Luminous website for performance dates, tickets, more info and some pretty graphics. 

Ra  xxx

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