Now You Can Judge Them


Very quickly, because I have things to do,* but Wired Science has just posted a Dinosaur Illustration Competition, which pits those found in the public domain against each other in a battle of popularity. Go here to vote for your favourite, be it the pouncing laelops, the weeny Hesperonychus elizabethae, (which I’ll possibly discuss later), or the above, a 1930’s WPA Federal Art Project poster which appears to be advocating the use of a friendly sauropod as a cure for syphilis. Or something. And you can submit your own illustrations if you really want, but I’m pretty sure the prize is more honour and glory than large riches, so personally, I don’t know why you’d bother.

* And this time I don’t just mean eating cookies and refreshing my browser whilst staring out the window at that aggressive Dalmatian across the street. Okay okay, I do.

– bec

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  1. hahaha lol syphilis. thats a awsome pic.

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