Totally Michael | Busted Lips and Balloon Animals


Music these days can sometimes be all too serious. I get it, it’s a great outlet for one’s political or social voice, and I love that. But sometimes I just want music to be fun. Enter Totally Michael. The Bloomington native was in the country last month touring with SPOD and we managed to catch him opening AND closing for Metronomy during the Sydney Festival. It’s amazing how one guy with a mic, replacing “Shakira, Shakira” with his own name and pelvic thrusting at some nonce yelling unimaginative insults, can make me smile so much. And if you needed more proof of just how totally awesome he is, Michael was kind enough to answer a few non-poignant questions for us. Read on…

Sara – Bec is reaching her quarter life very nearly soon, and I hear this is often accompanied by some sort of ‘crisis.’ While middle-aged men may be seen cavorting with questionable ladies on William Street or hooning around the Northern Beaches in their brand new hot-red less-than-practical-for-a-family-of-five convertible, my dearest Bec shall be re-living her youthful days of rad birthday parties. The theme this year: “Awesome.” And the one thing that could possibly make her Squeee! more than dinosaurs, ponies or even whippets, would be you, singing those catchy-as-fuck songs that you do so well. So, Michael, while we may tell young Bec that this party is for her, we really know it’s all about you. You are the man in charge.

You are the headliner and MC but you need a band to back you up. I know you’re a massive Blink 182 fan, and I can’t get enough of Travis Barker, so let’s stick him behind the drums, yeah? Who else would you recruit for your fantasy band (woops, I almost wrote bang, but you can answer that question too if you’d like to)?

TM – I’d get Katy Perry on some backup vocals. Matt Johnson on some keys. And let’s throw Mark and Tom in there while we’re at it. As for bang……right now I’d have to choose Keira Knightley. Hell yeah.

Sara – Your trip to Australia was your first trip outside of the US (apart from a visit to Montreal, which, by the way is a sick city), how was the experience for you? Where did you go and what did you do there? Who did you see? Was there something here in particular that you did that you totally fell in love with?

TM – It was seriously one of the best experiences of my life. I was in Sydney most of the time, but visited Brisbane, Canberra, and Melbourne. I did a lot of sight seeing. A LOT of pub visiting. Met a lot of rad people. Laughed a lot. I pretty much fell in love with Australia in general. It’s like America, but with way less assholes. And better beer.

Bec – Just wondering, in the nicest way possible, if anyone from the crowd has ever tried to direct violent things at you while you’re kicking it on the dance-floor with everybody during your show? Alternatively has anyone ever tried to direct sexual things at you during your off-stage romp? Shit seems to get pretty rowdy when you’re amongst it all…

TM – Ha ha. The most violent thing I think that’s happened is people throwing ice at me. I get busted lips all the time, but that’s just from people dancing and smacking into the mic stand. Not really direct violence. As for sexual things, not really. I get a lot of ass grabs, but that’s about the extent of it. I’m definitely open to it though!

Bec – You’re in amazing company having been signed to IHEARTCOMIX Records, with some of my favourite remixers and blog darlings such as Designer Drugs, Heartsrevolution, Futurecop! and Acid Girls. Are there any plans for interlabel collaborations, such as remixes, shows etc? Are you interested in doing remixes yourself?

TM – Why thanks. Yeah IHEARTCOMIX is seriously amazing. I’m totally down to collaborate with homies. I actually just worked a bit with Japanther and Ninjasonik on a little thing. But yeah I want hella people to remix my stuff. A Flosstradamus remix is about to come out and I’m so pumped on it. I’ve actually never done a remix myself. I think I tried once, but it turned out sounding exactly like one of my own songs.

Sara – You’d never been to Sydney before. I’ve never been to Bloomington, Indiana. I hear there is a relatively big punk scene there. How does the music scene here compare?

TM – Yeah there is a pretty big music scene in Bloomington. I think the scene in Sydney is pretty similar, the only difference being that there’s probably more good music in Sydney than in Bloomington. But nah, I think both places have good things going on in their music scenes.

Bec – Melbourne’s Miami Horror did a remix of Winona a while ago, how did that come about? Did you ask him or did he ask you?

TM – It was actually through Franki Chan, who runs IHEARTCOMIX. He was just like “I think Miami Horror would be a good fit” and he was right. I seriously love that remix more than anything.

Sara – I love Winona! A catchy, danceable song about committing arson on luxury department stores with a celebrity – it’s pretty much perfect! Do you have a favourite track on the album?

TM – Thanks a bunch! That was my favorite for a while just cause it was one of my most recent songs. And I feel like it’s one of the least cheesy songs I have. But I don’t know. I really like how “Slow Jam” came out on the album. I’m gonna have to go with “Winona” on this one.

Sara – Bec’s whinging about her party again. Where are we going to have this shindig? And how should we decorate? I’ve always been one for fairy lights – too subtle?

TM – Ha ha. I don’t know. I’ve always been a sucker for disco balls. Penis Pinata’s filled with candy and condoms are always good.

Sara – Blink 182 recently released an official statement on their website that they are back. Excited?

TM – OMG. I just read about that! I am soooo excited. Seriously. I knew that plane crash would reunite them. I want to tour with them real bad.

Sara – Is it going to be ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ to open at this party or do you have another gem hidden somewhere? What is your favourite song to get the crowd going and to close leaving them wanting more?

TM – Oh I’ve got plenty of hidden intro jams to bust out. I pretty much alllllways close with “Casual Satisfaction” and almost always open with “Death Hill.”

Sara – And finally, the most important question of all: chocolate cake or double chocolate mud cake?

TM – I’m going to have to go with chocolate cake. I’ve never been too crazy into chocolate.

Bec – And what kind of balloon animals can I have?

TM – What do you want? I’m the balloon animal master. Unicorns. Frogs. Humans. Swords. George Bush.

Sara – Chur! We look forward to dancing around like a dumbass with you. I hear I’m pretty talented in that department.

Ra xxx

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