Hehe Sea Creatures!


Ah sea creatures. How I wish I could cuddle them all and have them tell me their stories. I bet they have lots of stories. Of course I can’t because my clothes would get super-wet and then I’d have to wash them, and I already have enough trouble cleaning up the fur from when I hug alley cats and cats with homes. That shit gets everywhere. Fortunately sometimes sea creatures do awesome things in front of video cameras, which means I can admire them at so much more than the required arm’s length. Wired Science have just compiled a list of their ten favourite clips featuring the world of marine biology, and they span from the adorable to the hilarious to the downright remarkable. Here are my picks:

Got a fat head? Yeah well quit your bitching and do something awesome with it like fitting it through a one-inch hole, like this octopus does with great aplomb:

Think a prawn running on a treadmill is amusing enough as it is? Well The Theme from Benny Hill begs to differ:

This octopus acting all stealthy and invisible kind of reminds me of Odlaw. I’m not sure why, because he wasn’t particularly very good at being either:

Oh Manatee, I’m sure that really hurt, but… oh Manatee. Don’t ever change:

Go here to see the rest, including sea-otters acting like a fat married couple in a pool, Orcas being fucking evil and, well, ELBOWS.

– bec


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4 responses to “Hehe Sea Creatures!

  1. ralake

    You would NOT hug an octopus.
    Sea-otters LIVE!! http://www.vanaqua.org/ottercam/

  2. stef

    odlaw octopus is seriously fucking cool. where do you find this shit???
    …maybe you should put them into your work presentation…?

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