The Day of the Dogue


 It’s no secret that when it comes to dogs, I have very little time for the wrinkly and bulldog types, being of the opinion that the, “so ugly it’s cute” notion need not apply to animals, because most of them are darling enough as it is. Pity is not an equaliser. However, I still became warm of heart when I learned that the dogue de Bordeaux, a cross between a shar pei and a bullmastiff *shudder,* who have appalling faces but make the most handsome puppies, have just been elevated into the realm of relevancy. At the 133rd Westminster Kennel Club dog show (the Super Bowl of dog shows) last Monday, for the first time the American Kennel Club formally recognised the dogue as a legitimate breed. This historic decision means that not only can they now compete and place in dog shows, they also have the right to vote; attend public ceremonies; and catch the same buses as everyone else. It’s just that they don’t know how to; don’t want to; and don’t know why they would.

– bec


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4 responses to “The Day of the Dogue

  1. ralake

    That face. It’s so….morose?

  2. Fuck you, 2 of my friends died from shar pei/bullmastif attacks.

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