XOXO, Her Space Holiday

Her Space Holiday

I’ve watched Afterbang, oh I don’t know, at least 357 times. And I’ve watched Travis Parker’s part in Afterbang twice as many times. I’ve thought about why this is, and it pretty much comes down to two things:

1) Travis’s riding is just so damn good. He can bear my children any day.

2) Her Space Holiday‘s Keystroke. My love began here.  

I read a few reviews on Marc Bianchi’s latest contribution to my record (or mp3) collection and was disappointed to find generally unfavourable opinions towards it. Fuck ’em. XoXo, Panda and the New Kid Revival may be a departure from his previous so-called ‘electro-emo’ sound, but it totally fits into everything I’m loving right now – uncomplicated, catchy, sing-along, strummy pop songs that sound like they were fun to record and make me smile. In my opinion, perfect in a time when every other song I hear has been run through Auto-Tune to disguise a shit voice and and even shitter song. Sorry Kanye, I don’t care how fresh your suit is, you can’t be great until you learn how to sing.

By no means does Bianchi have a pitch-perfect voice himself. But it is the slight vocal imperfection accompanied by hand claps, simple riffs, kazoos and numerous other random sounds and instruments that really charm the proverbial pants off me. And a live show with his old stuff and his new stuff? Yes please!     

So, when I received an email that Bianchi would finally be touring Australia for the first time ever, I almost burst into my completely embarrasing and uncoordinated happy dance. That is, until I realised I would not be in the country. At which point, some slightly profane language  was heard escaping my mouth. Highly out of character. It is perhaps fitting though, that as I head off to the land of the rising sun, Bianchi will be joined on tour by 4 Bonjour’s Parties, a seven-piece from Japan. If you’re in Sydney and have no plans for the 21st of February, Marc will be playing at the OAF. And if you do have plans, you should cancel them.

Tickets from Moshtix. $16! That’s a freaking bargain. I’ll buy you a ticket just to go in my place.*

A free mp3 of The Boys and Girls from Mush Records to get you in the mood (incidently, my favourite song on the album, mainly because he uses the phrase “my panda arms”).

Ra  xxx

* Maybe. But only if you make me a sandwich.


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2 responses to “XOXO, Her Space Holiday

  1. Trucker

    Ra Ra I’m pretty sure I called Travis Parker’s babies first…but I suppose we could share. ;)

  2. ralake

    Share babies? Yeah, I think you did call shotgun, but he reloaded. Unfortunate for you.

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