Russell Brand: Youthful Folly, Jubilance & Hi Jinx

Russell Brand

He is incredibly witty, surprisingly eloquent, slightly eccentric and has some holy hell amazing hair that is quite possibly only matched by Vince Noir. Possibly. 

I always imagined that if ran into Master Brand on the High Street, our conversation would go something like this:

Me: Russell fucking Brand! 

Russell: Yes, that is I, pleasure to meet you, young miss. How do you do?

Me: Pretty fantastic now, actually. Also, you have GREAT hair. How do you do it?

Russell: Why, thank you. Come this way and I shall style up that mess you call hair. You too shall have a stupendous coiffure that will send everyone who sees you into a mad jealous rage. 

Sadly, I do not know where my nearest High Street is, so my not-often brushed bouffant will have to suffice – for now.

But, the good news is that my future friseur  is bringing his Scandalous tour right to your doorstep. Well, not literally your doorstep. Unless you live at 117 Enmore Road or in the Fox and Lion, then yeah, I guess it sort of is your doorstep. Lucky bitches. 

Mosey on over to Ticketek and buy buy buy! so you too can laugh your ass off. LYFAO, or something like that. ROFL.

Ra  xxx

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