Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008


It’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year time again at the Australian Museum, which is all very exciting for me because it features something very dear to my heart – ANIMALS!! The Exhibition features categories such as Animal Behaviour, Creative Visions of Nature, Animal Portraits, and Junior Awards, with the impressive fox image above winning the Ten Years and Under section. Stunning. You can preview the whole collection of photographs here.

This year’s overall winner was National Geographic photographer, Steve Winter, who, rather appropriately, entered his image of a snow leopard weathering a dark blizzard. On its own it admittedly doesn’t excite me that much, but a quick visit of his online gallery should be enough to convince you of his considerable talent.

But unfortunately it’s not all pretty foxes, creepy night griffins and sexually-suggestive reptiles (below), an upsetting cliché has managed to weasel its way into winning not only the Animal Portrait and also Visitor’s Choice categories. Yes, I’m looking at you, world-weary monkey! It seems like every goddamn wildlife photography competition ever held in the history of the universe has to feature some boring shot of one of these gross, overrated creatures. Ohhh look, it’s so pensive, so wise beyond its shitty chimp-features… Whatever. Wake me up when you’re done being so fucking played, monkey.

Entry to the exhibition included in regular admission and it runs till the 8th of March. Oh and when you’re done, you can go and visit my some of my other favourite things, DINOSAURS!! in the other room, and when you’re done with that, can you please pick me up a Velociraptor keyring from the giftshop, because my one broke? Thanks.


– bec

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