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Alright Syd Kids, the 32nd Sydney Festival kicks off this Saturday with Festival First Night. In 2008, the opening night event was attended by 150,000 festively intoxicated law-abiders and 50,000 drunk-off-their-nut, underage, fluoro-clad little shits (according to questionable sources).

Sadly, I was not one of those 200,000 last year as I was  enjoying the tropical waters, sand and sun of my Motherland. But come 9pm this Saturday, I can be found at the College Street stage, dancing like a mad woman to the “genreless” sounds of a certain Ms. Santi White.

Other highlights this year include The Cat EmpireBag Raiders,  (Bec may finally get to hear that song), Grace Jones and Busy P.

But my favourite bit about the event is that it is all completely free! Even drinks, if you can get your favourite trust fund baby to tag along. Check out The Sydney Festival site for maps, playing times and other assorted goodies. 

 Get Amongst It!

RA xxx

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